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Start sooner rather than later

I’m sure we all have heard this phrase:

“It’s better to start sooner rather than later”

Sounds simple, right? However, it might not be that easy when taking into account real-life situations. This was one of my struggles and I’m sure it’s something you’ve thought about too.

One of my problems is that I overthink everything, especially when it comes to what I want to do with my life. This leads me to spend more time planning rather than taking action. I keep blaming myself for not doing more than I’ve been thinking.

When I try to juggle things – like my career, family, hobbies and social life all at the same time – I often can’t focus on what I’m doing now and feel guilty for not thinking more about my goals. It could be that it’s a vicious cycle that can’t get better on its own

I have tried many ways to overcome my overthinking. and work more on my goals once I have done the plan already. I make it a point to keep pushing myself to take action even if it’s a small step in the right direction.

Those small steps are valuable and they add up over time so I will continue towards my goals or great dreams that will stay as just that, dreams unless I take them into reality.

I have read many books and have listened to many podcasts about productivity. I’ve learned about the importance of time management, organization and overcoming overthinking.

After thinking deeply about the phrase “start sooner rather than later,” I believe that it means doing something today rather than tomorrow. Today could be this time, this hour or even this minute.

I think starting sooner is best to do right now! and this concept was really effective. when I find myself starting to overthink. I tell myself “ STOP. Just do something now rather than later towards your goals. Then, I pick one task that can be completed in a few minutes and do it straightway.

Gradually, I incorporated this into my daily routine by resisting the temptation to overthink. It worked well for me

Whenever I make any progress towards my goals, I feel more motivated and happy since I can see real achievement. Otherwise, the progress would only stay in my mind as an idea.

I also found that taking a step now is amazing, regardless of efficiency, because at least you are doing something. Keep refining it until you get the result you want.

Everyone’s life is full of many plans and tasks, and it’s often difficult to make sure you’re focused on what’s really important. When the days are chaotic, it can be hard to keep track of those things that really matter.

Perhaps you had plans for what you would do on a particular day, but then other events happened and your schedule changed.

Or maybe you had certain priorities set and you’re constantly trying to remember them. Finding a way to make every day count is an important part of achieving your goals, and it can be a struggle to accomplish this goal when things seem overwhelming.

You also need to make sure that you don’t stress yourself out too much and also enjoy your life. You want to do stuff that’ll make you happy and balance your workload.

After these insights, I created This template on Notion so I can have better focus and make sure I’m putting them in the best place possible for myself and my current project. I’m sharing this template with you so that you can customize it however you want to organize your daily time and energy. I hope you find it helpful.

In one list, I put anything that I want to do, as if it’s my Bucket list. This can be a project I’m working on, a skill I want to learn, an idea, an exam, a travel plan or something else. Anything you can consider as your goal.

In the next list “ Things I am actively doing / in progress “ and here I will pick the items from my bucket list and put them into action. So, I know in my mind that during this time I am only focusing on these projects only and forget about the other goals for now.

I’m not thinking about them as I’m still aware in the back of my mind that they’re safe in my list, and I’ll think more effectively about them when their turn comes to be in the in-progress phase.

The most important thing is to not put more than 3 tasks in progress or you’ll be overwhelmed and under a lot of stress. This will affect your ability to do any of them, so make sure that you only take on what you can handle.

Now that I have been working on a few projects, I am aware of two options -either the task is complete and moved to the “complete” list, or it turns out to be a habit that I do without exerting any brainpower (for instance, it’s become routine to go for a walk every day or write daily for one hour). So I’ll add that to my list of Things I do passively / Automated 

I hope this approach helps you save time by not overthinking anything. So, You can start sooner rather than later.

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